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Nov 8, 2023




  • Creating tooltips using relative overlays is a breeze — check out Framer's walkthrough that's linked below.

  • This is a workaround to enable us to add a border to shapes in a union— it uses an SVG beak that overlays part of the border.

  • Framer struggles with pixel-perfect rendering of vectors so you may see different performance on the Canvas/Preview vs. live. The app is much better at rendering vectors on the canvas.

  • The beak + border version will only work if your colours are 100% opacity and the border is 1px. I'm using a shadow with 1px spread rather than a border to make the alignment easier.

  • As you can't assign variables to colours in graphics, you'll have to manually adjust the beak colours. You can assign styles though so it will work with dynamic theming.


How do I add Framer components?