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Auto-looping slidehow with tap-to-skip.


Auto-looping slidehow with tap-to-skip.


Feb 7, 2024




  • A simple, infinitely looping slideshow.

  • Disable tap to skip by hiding the 'Tap to skip' layer on the primary variant.

  • Add the cursor component to your project, and then double click it to unlink (otherwise you can't find it in search). Then, on the Stories component you'll be able to assign the cursor variants to the Left / Right variables.

  • To change the aspect ratio of the image: unlink the height/width of the Image layer; set both to Fixed and define your ratio i.e. 16:9 px.; then lock the layers and change width to fill.

  • Includes a Static variant in case you want it to play when in view — set your Canvas variant to static and add a scroll variant transform to swap it to Variant 1.

  • Edit the duration by changing both the delay in the appear effect between variants and in the transition from Empty to Filled variant in the Story Pill component.

  • Use optimised WebP images wherever possible.


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